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TRUMPET Program: Textbook Lending Program

Training, Retaining, and Uplifting African-American Males to Produce Educational Triumphs

SPRING 2019 Calendar

01/08: Open Registration Day

01/09: Late Registration Begins

01/14: First Day of Class

01/21: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day***

02/13: Black History Program

03/30: Good Friday***

04/10: Spring Fling

04/15-18: Spring Break***

04/19: Good Friday Holiday***

04/24: Honor's Program

05/07-09: Final Exams


SUMMER 2019 Calendar

05/13: Open Registration Day

05/14: Late Registration Begins

05/15: First Day of Class

05/18: Graduation

05/27: Memorial Day***

07/01-05: Independence Day***


The TRUMPET program allowed me to get all the materials necessary to be a successful student.

- Walker Kirkley, Jefferson

As a mother of three, working a full-time job, and going back to school, I was very thankful for the TRUMPET Program. Books can be very costly but he TRUMPET Program allowed me to use e-books without have to stress over having to purchase them. So very thankful for the TRUMPET Program.

- Heather Moody, Bennettsville

I have paid out of pocket for most of my semesters while attending NETC. It was such a weight lifted when I was able to borrow books without fees and returning them when the semester was completed . The books were in great condition and I am thankful I was given the opportunity to save money when it was needed. Thank you so much for your help!

- Tammy Jo Harp, Bennettsville

The TRUMPET Textbook Lending Program has greatly impacted my time at NETC. It has removed the stress of paying for high priced textbooks, and allowed me to spend my time working on classwork rather than worrying about paying for textbooks.

- Sincere Dixon, Cheraw

How the TRUMPET Textbook Lending Library Works

If you are in need of textbooks for your classes, the TRUMPET program can help! We have textbooks from various subjects available for check-out via our TRUMPET Textbook Lending Library.

The TRUMPET Lending Library operates like this…

     --- We loan you textbook(s) for the semester

     --- You use textbook to achieve academic success

     --- You return textbook by the designated due date

     --- We loan textbook to another student the next semester

In order for our textbook lending program to remain successful, it is vital that all participants use and return textbook(s) on time.

The Book Loan Process in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Qualify

In order to participate in the PBI Textbook Lending Library, students must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Must be currently enrolled at Northeastern Technical College.
  2. Must be a member of the TRUMPET Program or a  student experiencing a financial hardship (must have a completed FAFSA on file with the NETC Financial Aid Office)
  3. All books awarded in prior semesters must be returned.
  4. Must not have any outstanding debts to NETC.
  5. Must utilize a TRUMPET service in the concurrent semester (i.e. meet with a Cohort Support Staff member, face-to-face and/or online tutoring, or attend a TRUMPET sponsored workshop or event.

Step 2: Complete a Book Request Form

No textbook request form, no textbook. Students in need of a textbook should complete a TRUMPET Book Loan Request Form (See Below).

Hardship Requests

The TRUMPET Program grants hardship requests based on the following criteria:

  1. Student does not have financial aid and lacks the money and/or resources to purchase textbook(s).
  2. Student has financial aid, but lacks enough aid to purchase textbook(s).


Step 3: Pick-Up Textbook(s)

TRUMPET textbooks can be picked up at the following locations:

     --- Bennettsville Campus | PBI One-Stop Center (Room 112A)

     --- Cheraw Campus | PBI One-Stop Center (Room 811)

     --- Dillon Campus | PBI One-Stop Center (Room 112A)

     --- Pageland Campus | PBI One-Stop Center (Room 112)

Students will need to present their NETC ID and paid schedule at the time of pick-up.


Step 4: Return Textbook(s)

All textbooks received from the TRUMPET Textbook Lending Library are due by the last day of Final Exams to the PBI One-Stop Center on the Cheraw, Bennettsville, Dillon, or Pageland campuses.

         --- Spring 2019 - May 9, 2019

         --- Summer 2019 - August 7, 2019