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Library Policies: Food/Phones/Etc

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College Library

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Library Courtesy

Silence in the library is standard courtesy.  Please respect those working around you and refrain from excessive noise and loud talking.  Student/Public patrons will be given a warning (electronic or verbal) first.  Any further offenses will result in patrons being asked to leave. 

Food & Drinks

Food and Drinks are not permitted in the Library. These items pose a great risk to both print and electronic materials.   A Student canteen/vending area is located within the building for snacks and meals.  A larger canteen is available in Building 200 (Hampton Hall) which features indoor and outdoor eating areas. 

Cell Phones

Cell Phones are permitted in the library but must be set to silent.  All cell phone calls should be made outside of the library to avoid disturbing others.  


The library welcomes the community to take advantage of the vast resources the library has to offer.  Visitors must sign in at the Circulation Desk and receive a Visitor's Badge that allows access to the Library area only.  Visitors who need access beyond this point should register at the Information Desk in Ingram Hall (Building 100). 

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